Ashfar: The Drow War

The Story Begins

Zariek got us underway last night DMing an introduction and starting us off on our path to glory, or near death if your name is Drefan…..

Transported to a mysterious island, an unlikely group of people awoke surrounded by mist and standing stones, each bearing the mark of a constellation.

Some of the people knew each other, Danaii a young female centaur and Bowar a hulking Goliath with an improbable hammer have some obvious history, whilst Drayen a paladin seems to hold some dark secret. Thoven, a simple fisherman’s son is also amongst them, and as his first action seemed to be stroking Drefan, the others have stayed wary of him.

A mysterious voice confused them further and set them searching for the sword of John Fairweather.

Upon reaching the town of Bronce, the local priest father Bronson had offered the group chance to earn coin and favour by apprehending the criminal known as Jim…… amongst the group is an inquisitor named Kaltos Firedrake, whilst likeable enough at first, his summary execution of Jim………….. certainly raised a few eyebrows amongst the group.

A local couple approached the group in the inn, the Golden Nugget, desperate for help looking for their 2 sons last seen gathering mushrooms. After some brisk negotiations at the end of Bowar’s hammer, some local hobgoblins sent the group to the mines. Outside the mine, Jim met his unfortunate end, after admitting to the murder of a tax collector.

Venturing into the mines, which seemed to be flooding at an alarming rate, Thoven bravely offered to stay in the mechanical room to operate the lift whilst the others got all the glory and headed down to rescue the boys.

Bowar bravely went (head) first whilst the rest of the group took the elevator, wading through waist (5foot) high water and confronting the hobgoblin leader. The group managed to locate the boys, although Drefan had to get himself far far wetter than he would have liked.

Escaping back to the lift shaft and promising the fleeing hobgoblins that they would be saved, the group left the mines and made it back to town, although only Danaii’s good nature actually saved the hobgoblins.

1033 exp received.


LordKagemura LordKagemura

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