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Something evil stirs beneath the island of Chillhame. Dark forces are gathering and the eyes of the children of the Host turn towards the surface, hungry for victory and vengeance. Soon, the drums of war will beat to the footsteps of the advancing soldiers and the ancient war between the Host and the Starborn will begin once again.

The Drow War is coming.

This is the first book in the Drow War trilogy, a set of three adventure arcs covering the epic tale of the conflict between the Host and the Starborn. The Gathering Storm will take Player Characters from 1st to 10th level as they struggle against the drow and their allies, taking the role of the Starborn – the incarnations of the stars themselves, pitted against the evil and darkness of the Host. They will need to seek the truth of their own natures, travel through ancient ruins and corrupt cities, deal with treachery and trickery and take part in immense battles with the foe.

And this is only the beginning.

(This is a campaign based on the following work: Drow War )

Home Page

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